Hi! I have a collection called 'news' mounted to a news page, and each article can have one of six categories. I've output a navigation list of categories and links using:

          {{ taxonomy:categories }}
            <li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
          {{ /taxonomy:categories }}

…and I've setup the routing of these pages to be /news/category-name/, and use my taxonomy template:

        {{ collection:news paginate="true" as="posts" limit="9" }}

            {{ posts }}
                {{ partial:block }}
            {{ /posts }}

            {{ partial:pagination }}
        {{ /collection:news }}

Where I've come unstuck is getting Statamic to output just the relevant entries for that category, as currently it displays all entries.

I've been playing with scope and taxonomy attributes but haven't found the right combination yet. Or, does the route need to be /news/category/category-name/ instead/as well?