Note: I've already responded to another conversation with this exact same message (below the line), but since that particular conversation has already been answered, a (swift) response isn't very likely, so I'll just start a new one...


I've searched for 'mark' inside the codebase and found 'mark', 'markw' and all the other properties that are mentioned here inside statamic/core/Imaging/GlideImageManipulator.php (lines 48 and 49), which suggest it should be possible, but it seems it is missing the configuration for the path to the watermark-images. Maybe there's a hook or configuration setting I'm not (yet) aware of that supports adding (a path to the) watermarks?

I've managed to get it running by applying the following to statamic/core/Providers/GlideServiceProvider.php:

[:46] 'watermarks' => File::disk('assets:albums')->filesystem()->getDriver(),
[:47] 'watermarks_path_prefix' => 'watermarks',

I'm rather new to Statamic, but I'm pretty sure that's not the way to go, so if it is possible at all, I (we?) could really use some pointers...

Otherwise it would be really nice if it was added as a feature (again)?

Please, please, please