Correct routing for collection categories

I have a collection called 'news' mounted to a top-level page called ‘news', and each article can have one of six categories. I've output a navigation list of categories to get the following URL for each category:


Using the route: '/news/{category}': news/taxonomy

and my taxonomy is set as follows:

categories: 'news/{slug}'

However, each category page shows all the articles, not filtered by category, even though I have taxonomy=“true" in the template.

If I hard code the category, for example:


Then the entries are restricted to just that category. I’m convinced this a routing problem, but the online docs only show tags being used, not categories, so I’m guessing at what the correct tags are that I should be using. Can anyone help?

Here’s the template in full in case you need that:

        {{ collection:news taxonomy="true" paginate="true" as="posts" limit="9" }}

            {{ if no_results }}
                <p>No "{{ title }}" posts.</p>
            {{ /if }}

            {{ posts }}
                {{ partial:block }}
            {{ /posts }}

            {{ partial:pagination }}
        {{ /collection:news }}
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