Hey, I'm quite new to using statamic and I am attempting to build a news articles page. When on the article itself I have a limit of 5 images so a user can upload between 1-5 images.

Depending on the amount of images I want to display them in different sections on the page but I am unsure how to select do this without looping through them.

The images are optional the whole news article could be just text, but if there is an image the first image will be displayed at the top, the next further down the page if it has been uploaded etc...

I am just struggling selecting an individual image from the .md list like so: https://imgur.com/a/gI4zCMJ


I just came across another issue where my tags fieldset is saving tags with each tag separated by a '-' e.g.

america-england-war, how do I break this at the '-' and loop through the tags too?