I have been trying to install/use statamic for a while now. And everytime I stumble on a bunch of different issues.

I have been able to get the frontend working but as soon as I run the installer.php and create a user or set the locale to nl, it will throw errors.

The error I get when I create a user: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Driver [] not supported.

I have tried googeling and adding different solutions that are suggested, I tried using composer to update/install. But with no luck at all. And I am kinda at a loss right now.

Steps I do: 1. unzip statamic zip 2. upload files to my server 3. set file permissions of the main folders 4. I get the website on the frontend but no pages 5. I rename the sample.htaccess to .htaccess and the pages work but the images on the front page do not (not sure why) 6. I run the installer.php, it passes the first check and the permissions check. I set the locale to nl - nl_NL - Dutch 7. I create a user which then hangs and created the above error.

I am new to setting up servers and such but I don't believe I did anything wrong.

All the help would be appreciated.