Accessing Tags from variable values

I noticed that it is possible to reference a tag/another variable from within a variable. I can't find a reference to this behavior in the docs. Is this something that I can rely on? It would be a very useful feature in my case, since I am working with deeply nested arrays, which I need to filter multiple times to extract a single value from them. Having a filtering logic in Antlers is very clumsy for such arrays.

Here's an example of what I mean:

A tag {{ pricing type="subscription" }} returns a value of 5.90.

I have a variable body in a fieldset, with a value defnied as Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

I noticed that when I define body in yaml as body: "Lorem ipsum {{ pricing type="subscription" }} dolor sit amet", my template using {{ body }} produces: Lorem ipsum 5.90 dolor sit amet.

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