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Form dynamic old value

Nouce September 25, 2019 by Nouce


i was wondering if you could dynamicly show the {{ old }} field in the value attribute in a replicator loop.

like the value attribute here:

{{ pages }}
            <div class="page-input-wrapper m-t-20">
               <div class="left">
                  <div class="input-title">{{ title }}</div>
                  <div class="content">{{ content }}</div>
               <div class="right">
                  <input type="number"
                  data-price="{{ price }}"
                  data-name="{{ name }}"
                  class="page-input pages-input input-{{ name }}"
                  value="{{ old:<the input name> }}"
                  name="{{ name }}"
                  <span class="cross">x</span>
                  <span class="price">€ {{ price }},-</span>
{{ /pages }}

Is it possible like this or other method?

thanks in advanced!

Answered by Nouce!
>>>>>>> Answered <<<<<<<
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