Localization with English *not* being a default

Hello all,

this is my first post here and I'm looking for some help regarding the localization. I am currently working on a website with two locales: Polish (pl) and English (en) with Polish being the default one.

I followed the docs:

  1. Created /en directory and copied .htaccess and index.php
  2. Added locales in system.yaml (see below)
  3. Changed default locale to pl (in please and /index.php).

Now, this seems to work (almost fine) on the homepage (/). I can switch languages and translations work. But whenever I go to some other page (/en/contact let's say) I am still getting locale=pl.

Is there any step I'm missing? If it matters, I'm on Windows running php -S localhost:3000 statamic/server.php to run the local server.

This is what I have in system.yaml:

    full: pl_PL
    name: Polski
    shortcut: pl
    url: "{env:APP_URL}"
    full: en_US
    name: English
    shortcut: en
    url: "{env:APP_URL}/en/"

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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