We are working on an implementation for Microsoft Azure as the driver for our asset containers. For this we had to (sit down and take a breath) edit Statamic core files. I know the core is not intended to be modified, but creating an addon didn't quite work for this as the service providers for addons are loaded after handling the Statamic filesystem service provider.

I managed to implement the Azure driver and it all works pretty good. However the only issue I'm having this moment is that we need to create the .yaml file for the asset container manually. We actually would like to be able to do this through the control panel the same way you add a local/s3 container.

I saw in the core this uses some Vue files for rendering/handling the form for creating these asset containers. Adding an extra option didn't seem to be so hard, recompiling the assets on the other hand did. There is no webpack script in the core code to do so. Is there a way I can recompile these?

Kind regards, Gregory