Presales question: Statamic suitable for a Catalogue Raisonné?

Hi there,

I am a designer with basic coding skills (learning though…) and I love the Statamic idea, I always thought there must be a leaner solution to all these overloaded CMS-systems.

I was thinking to use Statamic for a client but am not sure if it’s really the right fit. For me the learning curve with Statamic is rather steep, tried the first install with Valet, felt uncomfortable as I wouldn’t know how to solve errors and managed to make a very basic setup on MAMP with my own html and css and connecting some fields. Before I dive in deeper, I need to know if it makes sense for Statamic to be used for the following:

My client is a small art foundation and wants to set up a Catalogue Raisonnée, similar to this one, only with basic filters and functionalities:

There are about 3000 art pieces currently in an Access database, I would need to map fields for the single views of one artwork and setup search filters. My questions are: is that an amount of files that still makes sense for a static CMS and how difficult would you think such a scenario is to set up?

I’m grateful for all kinds of suggestions, or if anyone here could imagine to set this part up for me, let me know too and we could discuss the details for a proper quote.

Thanks a lot! Carola

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