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Yosemite Admin Logout kerflooey?

David G. Smith October 17, 2014 by David G. Smith

BACKGROUND: Life was too dull, so I upgraded to Yosemite... and now I'm busily putting the pieces back into place...

FOREGROUND: I've got the downloaded "off-the-shelf" version of Statamic 1.9 installed on my Mac as localhost, with a good .htaccess and myself enrolled as an admin, all working fine except...

PROBLEM: After I log out of the CP, it's doing the "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" 404 thing, with the exit URL being:


When, presumably, it "wants" to be back where it came from, namely:


So, I've been chasing my tail around a tree, editing settings.yaml wherein it says:

# Only set this if Statamic could not correctly guess your site's root

#_site_root: /

Thus, I've uncommented and re-commented that line several times, and even tried substituting the actual path to localhost, like so:

_site_root: /Library/WebServer/Documents

but nothing seems to quite work as it should.

Hint, please?

Answered by David G. Smith!
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