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Get data of a related parent collection

Raffael H November 9, 2019 by Raffael H

Hi, I'm trying to figure out to have the best collections model:

I have a collection tour (multiple musicevents). A tour has its own infos and can have multiple events (events collection). An event has its own infos and an artist relationship to the artist collection.

How can I achieve, that I show all the events of an artist, when I'm on the artist detail page like "Show me all events where event.artist-ID is artist-ID of the page where I am"?

I think you would recommend to create an artist collection and connect the artist with events from the event collection. But the problem is, that my future user/admins will create event by event and choose an artist - not the other way and edit the artist every time after creating the event.

Is there any easy/smart way?


Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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