URL to file in form submission not correct


I have a form with a file upload. These are the settings of the field:

  display: File
  type: asset
  container: main
  folder: uploads

When I upload a file, the link to the submission is https://DOMAIN.COM/assets/uploads/lion.png

but my site is located in a folder called particulieren. So the correct url would be: https://DOMAIN.COM/particulieren/assets/uploads/lion.png

How to solve this problem? All the other things are working. I've changed the $site_root in index.php, the assets container url and path are correctly (all the other assets are working on the site itself), in locale > system, the site has the correct url.

I've now also tried to change the field settings to:

    display: File
    type: file
    destination: uploads/

but then the url is https://DOMAIN.COM/uploads/lion.png and it should be https://DOMAIN.COM/particulieren/uploads/lion.png

Does anybody know a solution? Thanks in advance!


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