Updates to layout files not showing up on staging site, something seems to be cached way down deep


I'm making updates to a file in /site/themes/my_theme/layouts/default.html, specifically adding a Google Fonts in this case.

The changes show up locally, but not on my staging site (MT Grid + Cloudflare in dev mode & proxy only).

I did have 'Static Page Caching' (File) enabled to test it out but now disabled.

If I FTP in and look directly at the default.html file I can see my updated code is there:


...it's just the page shown in the browser seems to be looking at something else - indeed I can actually delete the default.html file on the staging server and the staging site still loads just fine.

I have turned all caching off and off in the CP & also followed the clear cache instructions here: https://docs.statamic.com/knowledge-base/clear-cache = no joy

Any idea what is going on?

Many thanks!

Answered by Erin Dalzell!
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