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Fixes for Statamic 2.11.15 with PHP 7.4

Roelof Roos December 5, 2019 by Roelof Roos

I've recently updated my server, but noticed that Statamic 2.11.15 starts to cry, since it's using the – now deprecated – inverse-order of implode. This is easily resolved by flipping these arguments, which I've done in this diff.

After fixing this, however, you'll still hear Statamic cry over burnt cookies and a broken dependency (but mostly the cookies). The michelf/php-markdown package supports PHP 7.4 from version 1.9, but it's locked at 1.7. This diff file performs an atomic update on your composer.lock (so just the broken dependency gets updated) and solves this issue.

I hoped this helps anyone!

Lastly, I was wondering when an official update for Statamic will be released, which officially supports PHP 7.4. Any estimates?

Answered by Roelof Roos!
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