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The best gas pressure washers review

Washing is part of our daily lives. To assist with this task, we now have washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleans. Today, we are going to quickly review one more item: pressure washers. Powered by either a gasoline engine or an electric motor, pressure washers can help you handle heavy-duty cleaning such as dirty surfaces in the garage or patio as well as hard-to-remove spills. Because you are here with us, you must already know about the existence and purposes of this product. In this review, we target only the best pressure washers using gas. We provide you with additional information and things we like or dislike about several  Best pressure washer on the market - Who make the best pressure washer now.


Lists of the top gas pressure washers always include this Simpson. This model is really powerful but easy to use. No matter how heavy your cleaning is, the Simpson can perform perfectly. From grime to muck to oil spills to grease stains or even paint stripping, the Simpson is designed to withstand intense use. While the product looks complicated, the initial assembly process is very simple.

One of the main concerns, when you purchase a pressure washer, is the power of the spray gun. This Simpson provides customers with a high-water pressure output sprayed by the gun equipped with a safety lock. This additional feature prevents any damage to surfaces.

Things we like

Two things about the Simpson that are highly appreciated are its durability and multiple settings. In terms of durability, the Simpson features a steel framework, a sturdy build, and a non-marring hose that is resistant to abrasions. The product has five different nozzles with which you can use different spraying patterns to produce a variety of types of pressure outputs. Indeed, as we mentioned above, this product is very friendly to the user. You can use it effortlessly.

Things we do not like

There are several minor disadvantages that might make you rethink purchasing this model. For example, many customers find the engine a bit hard to start. Sometimes it even turns off in the middle of the cleaning process, for no clear reason. Then, restarting is required. This model is also composed of plenty of components made from low-quality plastic, which are likely to get damaged during intense use.


As its name suggests, PowerBoss is truly a sturdy model among medium-duty pressure washers. It is always present in the list of the Best pressure washer on the market . It features HONDA engine code GC190, which enables the PowerBoss to reach the untouchable pressure level of 3100 PSI, with a 2.7 GPM. These values indicate that this model can get rid of even serious stains and dirt.

The design has also gotten several compliments. You will find notches to be really convenient when you need to roll and store the high-pressure hose. Indeed, the two-wheel system enables high mobility. Cleaning and maintenance are simple and user-friendly as well.

Things we like

The performance of this PowerBoss will satisfy you in your fight with grime and dirt around the garage, old paint on the fence, and rust in the yard. The PowerBoss features four different nozzles that are detachable. In addition, the spray wand is comfortable to use.

Things we do not like

The big wheels sometimes cause trouble.


The gas pressure washer is one of the two most popular types of  What is the best pressure washer - Top rated best pressure washer on the market. Most of them are medium-duty, meaning that they cannot tackle super heavy duty cleaning.

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