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YETI Cooler Tundra 45 review

Yeti coolers, one of the  Best Coolers For Camping, probably the most desirable high-end coolers for outdoorsmen. Yeti is a leading company in introducing the rotomolding process into cooler manufacturing. This allows yeti coolers to keep the ice intact for several days. And among those, Yeti Tundra Cooler 45 seems to be the most popular model with rating 4.8 out of 5 from 2,858 user reviews. Let’s check out and see whether it's worth spending hundreds of bucks on this outdoor gear!


  • Weight: 23 pounds;

  • Exterior dimensions – Height: 15 ½, Top: 25 ½ (L) x 16 (W), Bottom: 24 ½ (L) x 13.3/8 (W);

  • Interior Dimensions – Height: 9 ⅞, Top 19 ½ (L) x 10 ½ (W), Bottom 18 ⅜ (L) x 9 ½ (W);

  • Capacity: 38 quarts;

  • Price: 300$;

  • Warranty: 5 years;


This ice cooler can be your perfect pick for summer trips or just a simple daily outdoor food and drink cooler. The Tundra 45 model is not only just cooler but more practical in use as a stool, a table, a seat, or a casting platform when in need. Yeti assures you a high-quality product with the capability of ice maintenance for days, which saves countless ice plastic bags throughout summer. So what features make Tundra 45 that powerful in keeping ice and food cool?


Tundra 45 with 2-inch insulation walls, which is at least 1 inch thicker than most coolers, makes incredible levels of ice retention. It uses the PermaFrost Insulation which is made of polyurethane (PU) foam to fill in the walls. In addition, the ColdLock Gasket (a thick quality freezer gasket) is added at the lid for the expansion of heat intrusion. This combination builds up one of the highest-performance coolers available on the market. The PermaFrost Insulation, however, adds up weight to the cooler and makes it harder for hand-carrying.

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Ice retention

With the rotomolded plastic design, Tundra 45 provides long-term ice retention. Its capacity is 16 to 28 pounds of ice depending on the cube size and it keeps the ice frozen as long as 5-7 days depending on the temperature and how often you open the cooler. You can also extend the ice retention time by adding ice packs on the top.


The Yeti Cooler Tundra 45’s dimensions make it durable for various outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, road-tripping, and more. It can easily fit in many boats, canoes, kayaks, car trunks, truck beds, or hitch-mounted cargo carriers. This cooler model can suit your needs of storage capacity for a few days trip on different types of vehicles.


This model comes in with a simple, sturdy and high-quality construction. The design is legit with roped handles (DoubleHaul and LipGrip Handles) and a hinged lid with thick, rubber latches. Tundra 45, therefore, does a better job of keeping the lid closed and prolonging the latch's endurance.


A dry goods basket is attached when you buy this cooler. This casts extra points in some cases such as preventing your sandwiches from being soggy while still being cool.

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The bottom line

In summary, the Yeti Tundra 45 performs excellent ability in insulation and ice retention. The rotational molding process applying in cooler construction makes it a good choice for durability and versatile uses. On the minus side, this cooler is a bit unwieldy to carry because of its bulky build. This is one of the high-performance coolers you can currently purchase on the market, but it doesn't come cheap. If you are willing to spend for one of the best coolers from high-end brands, the Tundra 45 will not let you down.

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