Forum inside statamic?

Recently a client asked me to implement a simple forum in his website.

Since I don't wanna deal with databases neither implementing a forum solution like vanilla or whatever, I searched for a hosted solution like Tender or Muut or Vanilla cloud, but the ones I found have only english interface (I need portuguese) and not much customizable. Plus my client would have to use an extra control panel.

Then I started to think if it'd be possible to do a forum in a statamic website. First my embarrassingly stupid thought were: “Mmm, a website member would fill a Raven form field which would be saved as an entry (would that be possible in the first place?). Then other users could comment below that entry using a commenting system like Disqus.” But then I thought: “mm they'll have to login in the website then log in again in Disqus, nah”.

My inexperienced programming mind can't get around this problem well (as u can see haha), so if anyone there have already thought about this or can share any thoughts on it, of creating a simple ticketing system within Statamic, I welcome u :)

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