/{locale}/{page} serving wrong locale


I have a site which has two locales (default: nl, en). My settings.yaml contains this:

    full: nl_NL
    name: Nederlands
    url: /
    full: en_US
    name: English
    url: /en
timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

The index.php in the webroot has to following settings:

$statamic = './statamic';
$site_root = '/';
$locale = 'nl';

And the index.php in the /en folder:

$statamic = '../statamic';
$site_root = '/en';
$locale = 'en';

When I open the homepage ('/') it has locale 'nl', and when I open the English version ('/en') it has locale 'en' and all the links in the nav are prepended with '/en' as well. However when I go to one of the pages (i.e. '/en/about') the locale is 'nl' and all the content shown is the Dutch content as well instead of the English content. All the links (nav and elsewhere) also aren't prepended anymore.

I added some debug code to my navigation to make it show the value of 'locale':

  <a href="#">Current locale: {{ locale }}</a>

This shows 'Current locale: nl' for '/', '/{page}', and '/en/{page}' and only 'Current locale: en' for '/en'.

Anyone have any idea what is going wrong?

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