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Hey y'all, I'm running into issues with a [Statamic v2.11.12] site where we're seeing errors in the logs related to the Spock [v2.2.2] addon, but there not all "real" errors.

Spock is working (adding/committing/pushing to remote git repo), but we're seeing some errors, outlined below.

Example 1


Spock Command existed unsuccessfully: Command: git -c "user.name=Spock" -c "[email protected][REDACTED]" commit -m "User saved by [REDACTED]" Output: On branch master Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.

nothing to commit, working tree clean

Error: No error ```

Assuming this is related to fact we are .gitignoring users from being added to the repository.

Example 2

Spock command exited unsuccessfully: Command: git add '[path to forms]/forms/[formset]/1580218389.7985.yaml' Output: No output Error: The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files: [path]/forms/[formset]/1580218389.7985.yaml Use -f if you really want to add them.

Assuming this is related to .gitignoring forms out of the repo (we're doin this because of privacy concerns).


  1. Seein repeated log messages for these has me concerned we might possibly want to do things differently with our Spock setup? Is it a problem that we've got these "errors" popping up, but under Error, most of 'em say No error. And the others are often because we're .gitingoring specific files/folders to keep them outta the repository. How can we prevent these types of errors/logs?

  2. We've noticed that sometimes on another site we've encountered similar, but when the error was encountered it might cause a page to break until the cache was cleared. We ended up just turning Spock off for the time being until we figure out what's up.

  3. We'd like Spock to do its thang (commit/pull/push) whenever content is updated on the site - including whenever an image is uploaded or whenever a Glide image transform happens to get all that stuff into the repo - but haven't been able to figure out how to get Spock to do detect and then .git add when Glide transforms happen.

Unless we use the terminal to manually add/commit/push, we don't get image transforms at all, nor are we getting all image uploads I don't think.

Note: Just a heads up, I'm in the middle of a few other time-sensitive projects, so my responses will most likely be delayed.

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