Related entries to Algolia

I'm trying to push the related content in an entry to Algolia without any success so far.

In news/folder.yaml I have

  - title
  - date
  - summary
  - case_defendant
  - case_location
  - author
  - related_practices
  - news_categories
  - practices

where author and related_practices are related fields. Syncing to Algolia pushes the entry id (which I guess makes sense given that's what's stored against the entry.

However, I'd like to get (at the very least) the related entries title to aid our filtering. I know previously, I wanted to get the last_modified date into Statamic and @jason updated the toSearchableArray inside statamic/core/Data/Content/Content.php within the core. Wondering if we might need the same bespoke approach here?

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