Form { success } message not working

Hey there,

We've got 2 forms, the contact form and an event form. The contact form works as expected. The event form does not, it's not displaying the success message when you submit.

Event Form: The form contents do submit, we see them in the control panel, and we're getting the submissions in our email as well.

But, on the front-end the submission success message isn't displaying to site visitors when they submit the form successfully.

We've already excluded this page from the caching:

  - /contact
  - /submit-an-event*


Template code:

<!-- .contact-form-wrapper --> <div class="form-wrapper contact-form-wrapper"> {{ form:create in="submit_an_event" formset="submit_an_event" attr="id:contact-form|class:contact-form contact_form no-padding-bottom" error_redirect="/submit-an-event" redirect="/submit-an-event" }} {{ if errors }} <div class="copy submission-copy validation-copy"> <div class="control-group"> <div class="error-block invalid-text"> <h2 class="heading">There are errors:</h2> <div class="alert alert-danger"> <ul> {{ errors }} <li>{{ value }}</li> {{ /errors }} </ul> </div><!-- /.alert.alert-danger --> </div><!-- /.error-block.invalid-text --> </div><!-- /.control-group --> </div><!-- /.copy submission-copy.validation-copy --> {{ endif }} {{ if success }}{{# show this unless form submission "successful" #}} <!-- .copy --> <div class="copy submission-copy validation-copy submission-confirmation-message"> <div class="alert alert-success"> <p>Form was submitted successfully.</p> <p> Thanks for your inquiry, we'll be in touch soon! </p> </div> </div><!-- /SUCCESS --> {{ if globals__closing_html_code_embeds:marketing_agency_remarketing_conversion_code }} {{ globals__closing_html_code_embeds:marketing_agency_remarketing_conversion_code }} {{ endif }} {{ session:dump }} {{ dump }} {{ endif }}{{# /unless form submission "successful" #}} {{ unless success }}{{# show this unless form submission "successful" #}} <div id="nonya-friendly" class="nonya-friendly"> <p> Good people should ignore this field right here. You're a good person right? Please ignore this one okay. It's a Pizot, fulla Honey for dem bots and if you fill it out your form won't be sent. ;) </p> </div> <fieldset class="control-group data-control name"> <div class="control"> <label for="name" class="legacy-fallback">*Full Name</label> <input id="name" class="data-input control" placeholder="*Full Name" type="text" name="full_name" value="{{ old:full_name }}" required> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control email _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="email" class="legacy-fallback">*Email:</label> <input id="email" class="data-input control" placeholder="*Email: [email protected]" type="email" name="email" value="{{ old:email }}" required> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset> <!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="phone" class="legacy-fallback">Phone</label> <input id="phone" class="data-input control" placeholder="Phone: 5555551234" type="tel" name="phone_number" value="{{ old:phone_number }}"> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control name"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_title" class="legacy-fallback">*Event Title</label> <input id="event_title" class="data-input control" placeholder="*Event Title" type="text" name="event_title" value="{{ old:event_title }}" required> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_start_date" class="legacy-fallback">Event Start Date</label> <input id="event_start_date" class="data-input control" placeholder="Event Start Date" type="text" name="event_start_date" value="{{ old:event_start_date }}"> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset> <!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_end_date" class="legacy-fallback">Event End Date</label> <input id="event_end_date" class="data-input control" placeholder="Event End Date" type="text" name="event_end_date" value="{{ old:event_end_date }}"> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset> <!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_frequency" class="legacy-fallback">Event Frequency</label> <select id="event_frequency" class="data-input control styled-select" name="event_frequency"> <option value="" selected disabled>Frequency<br/> <option value="" disabled> -- <br/> <option value="Single_Day_or_Consecutive_Days">Single Day or Consecutive Days<br/> <option value="Daily">additional options... <option value="Other">Other<br/> </select> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control email _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_time_hours" class="legacy-fallback">Event Time/Hours</label> <input id="event_time_hours" class="data-input control" placeholder="Event Time/Hours" type="text" name="event_time_hours" value="{{ old:event_time_hours }}"> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset> <!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control _5050-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_website_url" class="legacy-fallback">Event Website URL</label> <input id="event_website_url" class="data-input control" placeholder="Event Website URL" type="text" name="event_website_url" value="{{ old:event_website_url }}"> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control message"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_description" class="legacy-fallback">Event Description...</label> <textarea id="event_description" class="data-input control message" placeholder="Event Description" name="event_description" value="{{ old:event_description }}"></textarea> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_location" class="legacy-fallback">*Event Location</label> <select id="event_location" class="data-input control styled-select" name="event_location" required> <option value="" selected disabled>*Event Location (Select From List)<br/> <option value="" disabled> -- <br/> <option value="277">Private Unit 3215 Main Street</option> <option value="235">999 Main Street</option> [NOTE: There are about 70+ select options in this field. I've removed them for brevity.] <option value="172">Pavilion on 55555 Main St.</option> </select> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control message"> <div class="control"> <label for="event_location_other" class="legacy-fallback">Event Location Other...</label> <textarea id="event_location_other" class="data-input control message" placeholder="Event Location Other" name="event_location_other" value="{{ old:event_location_other }}"></textarea> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group data-control nonya"> <div class="control"> <label aria-hidden="true" aria-labelledby="nonya-friendly" for="message" class="legacy-fallback"> If you're using assistive technology, the ARIA 'Labeled-by' field should be giving you some additional context here. </label> <input class="nonya" placeholder="fioaangaiond39" type="text" name="nonya" /> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset><!-- /.control-group --> <fieldset class="control-group button-control"> <div class="control"> <input id="contact-submit" class="button" type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" /> </div><!-- /control --> </fieldset> {{ /unless }}{{# /unless form submission "successful" #}} {{ /form:create }} </div><!-- /.contact-form-wrapper -->

Formset Code:

    display: "Name"
    validate: required|min:2
    display: "Email"
    validate: required|email
    display: "Phone #"
      - required: true
    display: "Event Title"
      - required: true
    display: "Event Start Date"
    display: "Event End Date"
    display: "Event Frequency"
    display: "Event Time/Hours"
    display: "Event Website URL"
      - required: true
    display: "Event Description"
    display: "Event Location"
      - required: true
    display: "Event Location Other"
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