When I ran v2 to v3 Statamic Migrator

Came across below issues or errors -

InvalidArgumentException View [layout] not found - can't find anything to move forward, this has blocked me completely, please help

Assets folder cannot be found at path [/images]. - kinda fixed and moved forward So I migrated from v2 to v3 and found that for migrator I only had to copy assets and sites folder at the root folder and after I ran the script - https://github.com/statamic/migrator, I found that even Images need to be at the root of your project folder

Redactor field [redactor] has been migrated to bard. - this was warning Not all redactor features and settings are bard-compatible. Please revise your bard configuration as necessary.

Fieldtype [font_awesome] not found - kinda fixed and moved forward As per v3 filetype, font_awesome is no more https://statamic.dev/fieldtypes, that mean do I have to replace all font_awesome fieldtype with something else? What better can be used instead of font_awesome which is compatible with statamic, I can't find anything interesting from the list of fieldtype given in v3, please help

Answered by Duncan McClean!
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