License for Non-Profits?

Perhaps this belongs in feature requests... I'll add it there in a bit but for now... are there plans to offer more license options?

Context: I manage websites for a lot of 501(c)(3) organizations. They are technically businesses because they sell tickets to shows/exhibits or handle registrations for classes or workshops of various nature. They also request donations.

I usually do the work for free or for barter, as they are usually very fast to tell me they'd love to have a new, functional website but can't afford it. Admittedly I haven't asked them to pay a license fee, so they may be willing to fork over $100 but it seems steep for local organizations that are barely staying afloat as-is.

This isn't the case for all non-profits, granted. Heck, I work for an organization that's technically a non-profit (donations are tax-exempt) but that has plenty of cash to spare. And did you know the NFL is a non-profit? Random fact of the day.

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