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cant access /cp/uers even though Super Admin in statamic v3

Rohan February 20, 2020 by Rohan

I have installed Statamic v3 into my existing Laravel app and trying to login using my existing user of Laravel app. I have just marked the user as 1 in 'super' column in users table so that the user becomes super admin. Also just to mention role_user & group_user tables are empty.

So even though the user is marked as SuperAdmin still can't access "Users" section of Control Panel "/cp/users" (maybe it has to do something with the user created in my existing laravel app)

so, was trying to debug and reached public function authorize in \vendor\statamic\cms\src\Http\Controllers\CP\CpController.php but don't know where to go further from this method parent::authorize

Please help

Answered by Rohan!
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