Add toggle field to database stored user profiles


I added some text fields and radio buttons to the user.yaml fiedset, and also added these to the registration form. Users are stored in a database so I also created the fields in the database. This is all working perfectly.

However, when i add a Toggle field, I notice some strange behavior. When I register a new user and 'activate' the toggle, the value in the database is succesfully stored as '1'.

But when I view the user trough Control Panel , the toggle is not switched on.

When I switch it on, off again, and than save, I see the value in database change to 0. So the switch ís working. En when I switch it on and than save again, the value is back to 1 in database.

Conclusion: The 'on' value of the field is not displayed when viewing a user page through Control panel .. This is véry confusing.

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