Collection Routes

I'm having some issues with URL generation for a collection route.

I have a "Categories" collection with an entry example below

title: 'Category 1'
id: c5f983e4-07f7-4e72-9fbf-33d0e8e0dd42

I also have an "Items" collection that has a relation back to a category. Entry example below

title: 'Item 1'
category: c5f983e4-07f7-4e72-9fbf-33d0e8e0dd42

I have a route defined for the "Items" collection below

items: '/items/{category}/{slug}'

This route works except the URL is generated with the ID of the category and not the slug of the category.

i.e the url is


What i would prefer is this


Is there a way in statamic to make this work?

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