Trying to understand the reasoning of blueprints

I've decided to get my hands dirty with v3 yesterday. I've noticed theme's was chucked away - which is a good call. We'd only have one site per one licence, it was kinda weird to have a theme. Who'd change themes constantly anyway?

Anyway as I'm trying to dig through I'm kinda confused with the blueprints. For the first step I've started creating field sets and adding those sets into the bp's. Maybe I'm building something simple that's why I'm getting confused. So basically what I've understood from them,

  • Now, blueprints are tied to pages instead fieldsets.
  • Fieldsets can only called via blueprints.
  • Blueprints can link different fields from different fieldsets (both singular fields or whole set)
  • I can also create several replicator like fieldset groups within blueprints
  • Blueprints are itself are also like replicator of fieldset groups
  • To create a global fieldset, I have to create singular fields , and create a blueprint, and tie all the fieldsets to it and then create a global fieldset and then tie a blueprint to it and then fill the sets.....

OK, I'm fairly sure that I misunderstood the concept the last point.

I'll also dig in to the docs again but meanwhile if you could make sense out of my confusion, I'd gladly listen it :)

ps. I've also noticed if you type an emoji on forums, it gets cropped at that point. had to rewrite half of my post

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