Outputting all assets of the current page/page_object

I'm trying to see if there is an elegant solution to the following problem:

I'd like to output all the assets included/referenced on a collection page into a single container (for a gallery). Is this possible?

The page in question has a replicator with a number of different blocks which each have unique assets fields. (Users can then build the layout for each page by choosing and moving these blocks.

I'd like to create a slideshow gallery on the same collection page which uses all of these images. To do this, I would like to output all of these to a single div. Can I loop through all asset objects related to the current page_object or something like that in order to this?

Previously, I was going to use assets_organized, and loop through all the assets within the particular directory folder associated to this specific collection page, but this extension wasn't playing nice with the grid fieldtype (images weren't visible in the CP), so I had to abandon that approach.

Currently, my alternative option is to include a partial in each replicator block which outputs another gallery sized version of the image. Using Javascript I'd then find these, and append them all into a single div. As you would expect this isn't as elegant, or maintainable, so I wanted to ask the experts if there was a better approach I could use.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, I really appreciate it.


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