There are fieldtypes to choose a collection, taxonomy etc via dropdown, and I was wondering if there was a way to the same with a asset folder?

For example, on a blog entry I could have a field with a dropdown of all asset folders - the value of which could be used to display all the contents of that folder (minus any yaml files), and read the title that was set for that folder so that it could be output as a heading?

At the moment, I'm using an asset fieldtype, and use that to manually add all the items from a folder, along with a text field to specify a heading. This method allows you to reorder the contents, but any new assets added to the folder, have to be added manually again in the blog entry.

Another way is to have a text variable field for the folder name. This can then be used with an assets tag, such as:

{{ assets path="assets" folder="{asset_folder}" }}

But that relies on you (or in this case, the client) entering the name exactly, and items can't be ordered.

Neither way feels like an optimal solution as yet.