Display a form on a page

I'm kinda new to Statamic but loving it so far.

One challenge I've encountered is rendering a form to a page.

Basically I've built a Page that has a whole bunch of replicator fieldsets that do different things: Text blocks, multi column blocks, image grids etc

One of these is a 'form' field which I see lets you pick a one from your list forms... however I don't understand how to render that on the page. Am I misunderstanding the use of this tag?

I'm using a partial to display the fieldset:

{{ elseif type == "form" }} {{ partial src="sets/form" }}

And in the partial I've added the form tags and it all renders out but but where it has:

{{ form:create in="demo" }}

I assumed there would be a way to specify the 'in' variable dynamically, eg the name of the selected form. Obviously at the moment it's just rendered the form called 'demo'.

Is my question making any sense?

Am I missing something?

Is there a better way to add a form to a page?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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