Get all entries from a collection that are not selected by the user

Trying to figure out how to display all the entries that are not yet selected by a user.

Here is my user data:

  - 782b1f2e-4f14-4186-8765-a066e7d90c04
  - 5120f8e3-d95c-4115-9e83-75ba27577fe2
- ...

Now I want to get all the entries from the regatta collection that are not in the will_participate_regatta

{{ collection:regattas show_future="true" event_start_date:is_future="true" sort="{event_start_date}"  will_participate_regatta:doesnt_contain="{id}"  }}
          {{ if no_results }}
          <h3>You have registered to all the available events</h3>
          {{ else }}
          <h3>Register for {{ title }}</h3>
          <p>{{ summary }}</p>
          {{ /if }}
{{ /collection:regattas }}
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