Performance issues with XML-Feed

I've build a layout to generate a podcast feed for 200 entries. On every load it takes more than five seconds for the xml file to be loaded/generated. Here's a simplified version:

{{xml_header}}<rss xmlns:dc="" xmlns:content="" xmlns:atom="" version="2.0" >
    <title>{{ podcast:name | cdata }}</title>
    <description>{{ podcast:description | cdata }}</description>
    <link>{{ podcast:url }}</link>
        <itunes:name>{{ podcast:name }}</itunes:name>
        <itunes:email>{{ podcast:email }}</itunes:email>
    <itunes:image href="{{ podcast:url }}{{ podcast:image }}"/>
    <itunes:keywords>{{ podcast:keywords }}</itunes:keywords>

        <title>{{ title | cdata}}</title>
        <description>{{ description | cdata }}</description>
        <guid isPermaLink="false">{{id}}</guid>
        <pubDate>{{ date format="D, d M o 13:00:00 GMT"}}</pubDate>
        <itunes:image href="{{ podcast:url }}{{podcast:image}}"/>
        <content:encoded>{{ shownotes | cdata }}</content:encoded>

And the routes file:

    layout: feed
    content_type: xml

How can I improve this? I've tried enabling the static cache, but it only worked for html files.

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