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Confirming Statamic V1 Installed Version

Reuben April 7, 2020 by Reuben

Hey there,

We've got a Statamic v1 project we're working on and we're trying to confirm which version of Statamic is installed on this project.

In the CP the version number at the bottom of the screen is older than v1.11.1 which was when v1 got PHP 7 compatibility. Are versions older than 1.11.1 compatible with PHP 7.0?

I didn't think versions previous to v1.11.1 would run in a PHP 7.0 environment, but it's been running fine in a PHP 7.0 environment? Was it just specific things that weren't PHP 7.0 compatible?

I've also looked at _app/autoload.php on line 3. and it is showing the same install version as in the control panel.

My Question: I'm asking because we're working on auditing a legacy project. Because it's running fine in a PHP 7.0 environment I had assumed what I'm seeing in the CP may be incorrect because I'd thought only v1.11.1 and newer would work within PHP 7.0. How do I know for certain what version this site is on?

Thanks in advance, Reuben

Answered by Jack McDade!
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