[Statamic V3] Issue filtering collections by Current URL

Hi hi!

I'm in the process of transferring over my V2 site to V3. Tons of fun. But also lots of breaking changes.

Here is the issue that has messed with me for the last few days:

I have a page on the website that is supposed to show all collections that are tagged with "X" — i.e. all content (articles, resources, guides) tagged with "Fun Times" as if you were visiting the URL "site.com/tags/fun-times".

On Statamic V2, it was as simple as this, as seen in the V2 Taxonomies Docs:

{{ collection:blog taxonomy="true" paginate="true" as="posts" limit="10" }}
  <h2>Blog Posts</h2>
  {{ posts scope="tag" }}
     {{ partial:block }}
  {{ /posts }}
  {{ partial:pagination }}
{{ /collection:blog }}

However, in V3 this very code throws me an error:

Call to a member function collections() on null

I've tinkered with this endlessly, and I simply can't figure it out. I can get ALL posts of EVERY collection to show, just not the one associated with the page.

Any help is much appreciated. Brad

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