Form throws an error in production

I'm using Statamic 2.11.20.

I have a form in my dev environment (Formset = "Contact") that works as expected. It's only four fields, and entries populate the list in /cp no problem.

In my production environment, the form throws an error:

Call to a member function formset() on null /var/www/general/statamic/core/API/Form.php#107 in Form.php line 107 at Form::fields('Contact') in FormTags.php line 61 at FormTags->create() at call_user_func(array(object(FormTags), 'create')) in Engine.php line 163

Why does the call formset() fail with a null? I figured it had to be a problem with the environment settings, since it works fine in dev. I've checked permissions, checked my .env file, checked references to the .env file. Can't find the bug.

Here's something odd, which might be a clue: I have three test entries in site/storage/forms/Contact. But none of these entries appear as part of the form in /cp.

Any thoughts or clues most welcome.

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