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Expand + Collapse Navs + Content Architecture

Reuben May 4, 2020 by Reuben

Hey y'all, I've got a content driven site we're working on and looking for some suggestions/best practice on content architecture in how it impacts the navigation.

We've got a site where there's an About the Organization section:

About Our Members The Company Leadership

But, we don't want to have to create a page for "About", however we DO want to have a menu trigger in the nav menu panel labeled "About" that when clicked will expand/collapse to show the items in this area. - ie. Our Members, Leadership, etc. I'd like to ensure it's dynamic in case other pages are added in the future.

Previously we used to create a section called "About" then nest child pages within it. In this project those various child pages all have unique design requirements so unique templates. In order to limit the amount of fieldset types + templates we'd prefer not to create yet another for "About". The differing template and fieldset types is why we did not use a collection for this area.

How are other folks solving these types of challenges?


Answered by James Blair!
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