Front End Stopped loading

I've been working on a statamic site for the past few days. Just now index.php stopped loading. I get an error from chrome saying "This webpage is not available". If I replace index.php with a test index.html page it loads fine. I can also load the CP without any problems. Except the Dashboard gives me the error: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /C:/xxx/xxx/website/admin.php on this server."

I'm supposed to be deploying the site to the live server today. Ugh. I was just making some last minute minor changes.

Any ideas what could be causing this? It literally happened in the middle of editing the content of a page in CP. I think the last thing I did was either edit text or upload an image.

Windows 8.1, WAMP, PHP 5.4.3


  • I noticed the issue right after having an issue uploading an image with a file field. Not sure if it's related though.
  • Nothing in the logs
  • Tried moving files to a fresh install of Statamic 9.0 and nothing changed
Answered by Halley Carleton!
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