Surplus of Acutes

I am encountering Acute Accent problem in Bard.

Regarding: Statamic 2

There is a problem in the CP in the Bard fieldset when entering letters/text (as client would) with comma above the letter (acute accent) as is used in Icelandic and many European languages.

The Problem:

Instead of pressing the comma and the letter in question instantly afterwards and get the commma above the letter (i -> í, a -> á, E -> É etc.) we get two sets of commas that is one comma in front of the letter and one as it should be above the letter.

If first letter in line the problem does not occur in Safari but does if using Chrome or Vivaldi. Looked at it a bit but no results.

The error:

Íslenskur texti h´ér. ´Íslenskur texti h´ér. (Safari)

´Islenskur text hér. Íslenskur texti hér. (Vivaldi)

´Islenskur text hér. Íslenskur texti hér. (Chrome)

This is how it should be:

Íslenskur texti hér. Íslenskur texti hér.

Replicated in macOS Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi and Windows Edge, Chrome.

As the acute accent is used in various other languages than Icelandic (which uses this a lot), I was wandering if any of my Spanish or Portugese speaking friends had encountered the same problem.

Bueller? Anyone?


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