Replicator long content doesn't work


I'm using the replicator to create an entry in a collection, having 3 blocks available. Everything works fine, as long as the template is not too big.

This will work:

{{ replicator_content }}
  {{ if type == "block_intro" }}
    {{ intro_title }}
    {{ intro_text | markdown }}
  {{ elseif type == "block_quote" }}
    {{ quote }}
  {{ elseif type == "block_general" }}
    {{ general_title }}
    {{ general_text | markdown }}
  {{ /if }}
{{ /replicator_content }}

But as soon as I'm starting to create a decent page with HTML, the content is not showing anymore after around 300 lines of code. No errors in the log or debug bar. I found that the type == stops working. If I use type !=, suddenly the content is displaying again. Somehow the variable isn't true anymore, but I don't know why.

I'm quite new to Statamic and love what I can do so far but I can't wrap my head around this. I'm not aware of any limits here. Using 2.11.20.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Cheers, Dennis

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