Pagination is not loaded on search results.

Hello Team,

Thanks for your support, I have been enjoying to play with Statamic v3 dev. Looks very promising for future projects, I have a problem trying to add pagination into the search results

{{ search:results paginate="true" limit="5" as="posts"}}\
{{ posts }}

{{ /posts }}

<-- This is the part I'm struggling with -->

{{ paginate }}
    <a href="{{ prev_page }}">Previous</a>
                     {{ current_page }} of {{ total_pages }} pages
        (There are {{ total_items }} posts)
                   <a href="{{ next_page }}">Next</a>
           {{ /paginate }}
{{ /search:results }}

I was following the example of this link

The search results are rendering perfect, but there is no signal of the pagination or errors visible,

can you please advise? Thanks

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