Filter Real Estate listings

I am trying to figure out the best way to filter thru criteria to show some results. For instance, users would have the ability to filter by price, beds, baths, dwelling type and other amenities. The chosen filter would reveal applicable real estate property listings.

All of the listings will reside in a collection, however I cannot figure out a way to setup communication between the filtering options and the collection of real estate listings.

I found the following old thread that referred to an addon called Bloodhound.

I also found the Bloodhound add-on within the dashboard view of my Statamic account, I downloaded and attempted to install, but ran into a problem. The instructions it said the following:

1.) Drop the add-ons/bloodhound folder into the /_add-ons/ folder. (which I did) 2.) "Drop the _config/add-ons/bloodhound folder into /_config/add-ons/." I could not locate the _config/add-ons directory. The closest I was able to locate was statamic/config.

Thoughts on setting up Bloodhound and using it for this application? If Bloodhound is no longer valid to use or if there is a better method to use, please advise.

Thank you in advance for any advice/direction.

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