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i have been trying statamic out and i'm quite impressed how easilly can a user build content by defining custom fieldsets. list, radiobuttons, "Bard", everything you could ever need can be dynamically built via the cp interface.

what i am lacking though is the same logic for "forms", specifically custom fields". you can only define a form field via label/name and then validation rules. there is currently no proper way to define, for example, a select or checkbox option with predefined set of pickable values. some "form field" that would not only have label and value, but also possible options to select the field from/maybe even more custom attributes to use in a template.

currently the only way to do this is not to use the {{ fields }} at all, but make a custom template for every single form and inject these things manually into tags. but that loses the whole purpose of the dynamically generated forms and the {{fields}} tag; and lacks the kind of simplicity we can find in regular fieldsets

we could also do something ugly in our form templates, like {{ if (field | substr:0:5 == 'color') }} ...build a select tag... {{ endif }} but that turns the whole codebase into an ugly mess and i think that form logic should be deinitely placed outside of the template

is there currently a way/a plan to add this kind of feature into statamic in a close future?

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