Best practice with forms

Hello, I have a Statamic form,

It starts this way:

{{ form:create in="estimator" redirect="/quote- 
estimator#message" error_redirect="/quote-estimator#message" }}

And ends this way:

<div class="row justify-content-center">
<div class="col-6 text-center"><button class="btn 
 btn-primary w-75" type="submit">Submit</button>> 
</div></div>{{ /form:create }}

Users are able to click the submit button multiple times during the form's sending/processing time.

Where/What is the best way to disable the button during the form submission process?

I'm seeing many options from search results, but I'm not sure which is most appropriate with a Stamic form - especially whether the disabling code should be added to the form or to the button. Thoughts or advice?

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