Website with enquiry generator?


I am working on a proposal for a site, and wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on an approach. I will be using Statamic for it, though there are some requirements I am not sure how to address. Broadly it is a marketing site for a food manufacturer, but needs the following:

  • A password-protected Wholesalers area, admin should be able to create users and grant access to this. Also an option for people to apply for access via a form on the website, who would then get access subject to admin approval.
  • Once in the Wholesalers area, a visitor should be able to see a listing of products, and add these (and quantities) to an enquiry which is then submitted to the client. This is then followed up by email / phone for confirmation and payment, so no need for payment processing on the site.

I am pretty sure Statamic's built in users setup will handle the first point, though I am not sure what to do with the second. It feels a bit like an online shop, but as it is essentially just populating a contact form then perhaps that would be overkill? If anyone has any thoughts that would be awesome :)

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