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Assets Container Issue

Denis Radenkovic June 13, 2020 by Denis Radenkovic


I'm having an issue with images in the CP. I was getting the "No asset container specified" in the CP next to image field. That said, on the page perview, the image is shown. I could remove the image through CP, but there is obviousely no way to select another one, as the interface for it isn't there.

I then put 'container: assets' inside the yaml file. Now the UI for assets is there and I can remove the existing image, pick another one etc. The problem now is that images I added to the page via CP are not showing on the preview page - I can only see alt tags.

What also seems to happen is that after I save the page via CP, inside the .md file, the line breaks and instead of something like this:

img: /assets/images/image_name.png

after saving it, it changes to this :

  - /assets/images/image_name.png

If I remove the dash, the line break and save, the images do show. It feels like I've not set the container either correctly, or the container isn't assets or main but maybe something else.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Answered by Duncan McClean!
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