If I have CollectionArticles, and it has a field type for CollectionMovies and CollectionMovies has TaxonomyGenre.

I need to display a page with items from CollectionArticles based on a value for TaxonomyGenre that exists only in CollectionMovies.

Example: CollectionArticles - "New Remake for Caddyshack" CollectionMovies - "Caddyshack" TaxonomyGenre - "Comedy"

New Remake for Caddyshack would have movies: caddyshack relationship

The Caddyshack page would have the comedy taxonomy.

A new page would want to look at all articles that are tied to the comedy genre.

So the page will need to look at the CollectionMovies collection for movies, such as Caddyshack, that has the Comedy Taxonomy, and then display the connected article information from CollectionArticles. Essentially it's an extra depth to the standard relationship.

edit: This is on v2.