Cant submit form


My form keeps giving me a error on submit, i don't know what the problem is? All the fields match with the input name's, what can be the problem? Thanks in advanced!

My form .yaml file: title: Economie fields: merk: display: 'Beschrijf uw merk' type: textarea current_website: display: 'Uw huidige website' type: text example_websites: display: Voorbeelden type: textarea blog_portfolio: display: 'Pagina | portfolio of blog' type: number custom_design: display: 'Pagina | Custom design' type: number content_page: display: 'Pagina | Content page' type: number animated_pages: display: 'Options | animated pages' type: checkbox mailchimp_intergration: display: 'Options | mailchimp intergration' type: checkbox hosting: display: Hosting type: radio domein: display: Domein type: radio columns: - blog_portfolio - custom_design - content_page - animated_pages - mailchimp_intergration - hosting - domein email: - to: [email protected] from: cornelius reply_to: [email protected] subject: onderwerp

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