PHP/Permissions errors and opcache extension

I've had several errors with a statamic website, errors like 500, 200 and not found. Also errors of server misconfiguration and “Error code: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED”. Also /admin wouldn't redirect to “/admin.php/login” most times. And I've got slow script and pool php errors. I've actually posted about this before in this forum.

Since I've been stumbling with these issues I also opened a ticket in my hosting company, since it nothing seemed to be wrong with my statamic website. Today after some weeks the hosting company answered the ticket saying: “I think the extension opcache installed in the server was causing incompatibilities with your application, we just disabled it and the errors seem to have gone.”

I'm not still completely sure that it's solved, but the errors indeed have not happened again, I've tested a few times. Also now the /admin is redirecting to /admin.php/login as it should.

SO, I'm just opening this ticket to know for sure if this makes any sense. Could this extension opcache cause any incompatibility with Statamic? Has anyone ever faced this?

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