Change the order of taxonomies

I have a taxonomy called country. I also have a collection — each entry can have one country.

Let's say country A is mapped to 8 entries, country B to 16 entries and country C to 12 countries.

The code on my template reads (simplified):

{{ taxonomy:country }}

   <h2>Country: {{ title }}</h2>
      {{ collection }}
      <li>{{ title }}</li>
      {{ /collection }}

{{ /taxonomy:country }}

This works just fine: for each country it runs this loop. However, it sorts the taxonomy by the largest number of entries associated with it, so from top to bottom it's countries B, C and A.

I would like to change this order to A, B and C.

I know I can just write verbose code and pull the entries for each country manually, but my client has to work with this and I would like to make things as easy as possible for them.

So, is there any way to manipulate the order in which taxonomies are displayed?


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